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Ethiopia to Write a New Law on Public Display of Religion

Ethiopia to Write a New Law on Public Display of Religion
Religion in EthiopiaOctober 1, 2012 – The Ministry of Federal Affairs said yesterday that it is planning to write a new law that bans any religious songs, pictures as well as proverbs from public places in a bid to deter causes of religion-based conflicts, according to the Reporter.

According to the Ministry, the new law will be designed particularly in a bid to prohibit display of religious pictures and proverbs as well as the act of playing religious hymens in public transportation and hotels.

Abebe Worku, public relations head, told The Reporter that in order to establish an orderly organized system of religious practice in the country and to promote smoother relations among diversified religious and racial groups, the Ministry is considering a new regulation and proclamation that governs the public display of any religious pictures and proverbs and playing of hymn in public transportation outside religious sites.

The ministry said that it has set up a committee to study the situation and see the possibilities of enacting the law based on the agreement of the public.

After the committee finalizes the study, it will discuss the details with different sections of the society in order to create a common understanding about the future law.

The draft bill is yet to be crafted as it needs detailed discussion and consultation among various stakeholders.

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