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Gregory Stanton Remembers Meles as a Divisive Leader

Gregory Stanton Remembers Meles as a Divisive Leader


Prof. Stanton is the President of Genocide Watch

27  August 2012 [ESAT]
The President of Genocide Watch, Prof. Gregory Stanton, said Meles Zenawi’s lasting legacy would be the proliferation of irredentist politics and ethnic division. Prof. Stanton said this in an exclusive interview he gave to ESAT. The professor didn’t mince his words to call Prime Minister just another African dictator. He accused Meles of spearheading ethnic politics whereby he empowered his own ethnic group at the expense of the others

In addition to the two decade old tyrannical rule Meles has led the Professor accused Meles of perpetrating genocide and crimes against humanity in Gambela and Ogaden region of Ethiopia.

Prof. Stanton believes political systems built on the personality of dictators like Meles Zenawi are bound to create an environment for vicious power struggle and strife which leads to a serious peace and security challenges.

Prof. Stanton stated to have known the death of Meles long before it was officially announced by Ethiopian government.

Prof. Gregory Stanton is the founder of and presides over anti genocide non-profit– Genocide Watch– at George Mason University and was the lead prosecutor at the ICC for the trial of the genocide in Cambodia.

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