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Ethiopia: Time To Shift The Gear

Ethiopia: Time To Shift The Gear

by Antehunegn Yihenew
24 August, 2012

“Don’t cry over someone who wouldn’t cry over you.” Lauren Conrad

The ever tyrant, who invent and exercise ethnic racism in Ethiopia, who blessed and sold more than a million hectares of

Meles Zenawi who invent and exercise ethnic racism in Ethiopia, who blessed and sold more than a million hectares of our own virgin land.

our own virgin land for others and made the sole owners servant, who boost on his paper based democracy, who made millions jobless and hopeless, who killed the countries education system and produced thousands of incapable and frustrated graduates, who put intellectuals in a very difficult working condition and pushed them out to go abroad, who open, lead and promote corrupted system, who killed, torched and arrested tenth of thousands in the name of democracy and who made eighty fife million people cry for over twenty years, is now dead. Meles is gone for good with his evil minds.

Based on our cultural values, it may not be good to enjoy on once death, but I can say one thing for sure, we never never missed tyrant Meles. Of course now, we are observing that, Woyanes are spreading strange message to the world especially to the West. They are working hard to convince the West that Meles was beloved leader by his own people and if possible to gain something from it. To do this, they forced our people to hang many different slogans and Meles’s picture, which are centrally produced and dispatched to the people by government officials, and to bow and cry to his dead body like the North Korean people did to their President. And broadcast this on a live TV, which is designed to mislead the West, who are Woyanes aid bread winners. Woyanes are planning and working hard to prepare even more tragic condolence drama, formulated and coordinated sorrow moves and highly organized support interviews throughout the country in the coming days.

“Don’t cry over someone who wouldn’t cry over you” Said Lauren Conrad, yes it is right. How can we cry for a tyrant, who had been making us cry since 1992, who was using aid money to discriminate among people? How can we cry? How for a person who follow ethnic racism for his unfair aid food distribution and who was laughing on our sorrow? It is unthinkable to cry for a person like dictator Meles, who commit many catastrophic crimes on different corners of Ethiopia. And who cracked down our writing and speaking rights and well known in doing other human right abuses and undemocratic acts by the name of democracy using uninterrupted flood of aid money from the West.

Therefore, we Ethiopians have to decide and take constructive measures in sending strong messages for the West tax payers to ask their respective governments on the use and monitoring of their aid money to Ethiopia. We have to tell them that it is time to choose one, between the people of Ethiopia and Woyane. We have to be sure about their support, if it is in accordance to basic human right protection. The West shall be confident to see, check and readjust their support if it is not used for its intended purpose. We have to have firm stand and struggle to never accept any type of aid to terrorist alley Woyane in the expense of human right, democracy and eighty fife million people’s interest. And we have to tell to The West in bold that, we shouldn’t permit or never accept rulers like Ethiopia’s Woyane who trade rights for growth here after.

Finally, I want to underline that, it is exactly the right time for Ethiopians not to be stand alone rather to shift our gears against Woyanes interest and wrong doings. We have to join hand to hand with Ethiopian democratic organizations. Discuss and decide about the future of Ethiopia. And we have to render support what we can, ever before, not to see tyrant ruler for Ethiopia and Ethiopians again.

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